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60 Seconds

How to tell your company’s story & the brain science that makes it stick

The Video

Fantastic characters that connect with customers and can be applied to additional branding opportunities

Video - Rypple - Rypple Edits - 1080p H264

Video showcased on homepage

Rypple's home page featuring their video produced by Switch Video. This video increased conversions by 20%.

The split test clearly demonstrated that the landing page with video converted 20% better than the landing page featuring the Facebook testimonial as well as the page with only image and text.

Conversion increased by 20%

Day 5: Ways to Use Your Video

As you may have noticed in the previous sections, there are more ways to use your video than placing it on your website.

You can use it for marketing, advertising, sales, training, and internal communications, depending on your goal for the project and the type of video you produce.

A Few of Our Clients

Some of the great companies we've worked with

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The video is doing great. Feedback is positive and it’s reflected in the numbers.

Dan Debow, Co-Founder of Rypple

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