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The Definitive Guide to Corporate Explainer Video

Learn if an explainer video is right for you and more

Explainer Videos - The Corporate Guide

Learn About

  • Is an explainer video right for you?
  • Should you write your own script?
  • The Psychology behind great explainer videos
  • Explainer video case studies
  • How to hire the right company and the video production process

Explainer Video Styles and Uses

Learn about the different video styles like Whiteboard or Live Action and which one is right for you.

Explainer Video Production Process

Read about the 5 steps production process of Switch Video, from Discovery to Delivery.

  • See our 5-step process for creating explainer videos: Discovery, Script, Storyboard, Animation and Delivery
  • Should you write the script?

Day 4: Hiring And Working With An Explainer Video Production Company

Day 5: Ways to Use Your Video

As you may have noticed in the previous sections, there are more ways to use your video than placing it on your website.

You can use it for marketing, advertising, sales, training, and internal communications, depending on your goal for the project and the type of video you produce.

A Few of Our Clients

Some of the great companies we've worked with

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We live in an “information at hand”, tech-driven world with access to all of the knowledge the world holds available at our fingertips, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Literally anything you ever wanted to know is waiting to be discovered on the internet.

It was around the beginning of this shift in the way information was shared that the explainer video was created. First came Powerpoint, the grandfather of explainer videos. Images were combined with text to pitch or explain a product, service, program, or anything else. With the advancement of technology this form of packaged information evolved into explainer videos with moving graphics, characters, and an audio component. Now, viewers are more engaged than ever before.

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